Instrumentation and Access

The research in this work package in focused on the development of instrumentation for time resolved imaging of energy materials in operation, and on securing access to imaging

We have developed and constructed a wide complement of in situ instrumentation that are are now used, both at in house facilities, and at large scale facilities. The capabilities include imaging under stress, at high pressure (250 bar), in a flow of gas or liquid and at high temperature (1400° C). The alliance partners have secured a substantial amount of beam time at synchrotron facilities, and focus in the second half of the project is on establishing close collaborations with the new beam lines at MAXIV, to use our experience with in situ experiments to help establish these at MAXIV, possible also through copying of our designs.


The CINEMA alliance is a strong and experienced user group that may provide substantial help in expert commissioning of beam lines and experiments. DTU has decided to invest 50 Mkr into an upgrade of the 3D imaging center – in part due to the success of CINEMA.